What's so good about Pure Planet?

Recycled toilet paper might be great in helping to protect the planet compared to normal brands, but it doesn't help to address the root of the problem; that trees are still being used for toilet paper production. Pure Planet's Tree-Free tissue tackles this problem head-on by only utilising the waste products of 100% renewable super-plants!

27,000 trees perish each day just to wipe bums. Frankly, that's 27,000, too much. That's why we've been working hard in Australia to produce super soft, Tree-Free rolls of toilet tissue made from bamboo & sugarcane waste. Our tissue is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and is free from harmful chemicals, inks, scents and dyes.  Click here to learn more!

We've all been through it. The utter fear of wiping your bum with 1- or 2-ply recycled toilet paper that might as well be sandpaper. It’s an experience that some have nightmares about for years afterwards. So you deserve better. Pure Planet's Tree-Free toilet tissue comes equipped with super soft, 3-ply layers of bum-loving goodness that will surprise you with pleasure, every time you use it. Oh, and because we use Bamboo, every fiber is breathable and cotton-esqe, ensuring that it's soft on you as it is for the world.

Honestly, we only really care about toilet paper when we're about to run out. The worst is forgetting about it entirely and then realising; it's too late. So to help you avoid sending an SOS text or tweet for critical loo paper assistance, we've set up a home delivery service! Because our service is based online; we deliver tree-free toilet paper in bulk to Sydney, Melbourne and other major Australian cities, so you’ll never again find yourself in one of those heart-stopping moments of sheer terror, when you reach for a square and only grab air.

Each box of Pure Planet toilet tissue contains 36 individually hand-wrapped rolls to preserve hygiene and encourage re-use. Who would have thought saving the planet was as easy as ordering tree-free toilet paper online, and getting it delivered to your door? With 6 different and attractive designs in each box, your household or business will be well-equipped for arts and crafts as well as materials for paper projects with the kids. Sustainable toilet tissue has never been this much fun!