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How does Tree-Free help save the planet?

We all know trees take years, if not decades, to grow back after being cut down. And with every tree that falls, so too does our capacity to breathe oxygen necessary for us to live. Pure Planet tackles this problem head on by utilising 100% renewable, biodegradable and recyclable bamboo and sugarcane waste. This means each sheet of our luxury toilet tissue saves the environment with every wipe as a result of being 100% tree-free.

Bamboo is a wonder-plant, in that it is fast-growing (the fastest-growing plant ON EARTH), it grows more after it’s cut, and can actually produce a significant amount more oxygen than trees. As a result, it’s the perfect solution to the 27,000 trees a day which are quite literally flushed down the loo. Oh and bamboo’s cotton-esque fibers make for luxury toilet tissue too!

Our 3 ply toilet rolls are soft, while being incredibly strong and absorbent which gives you the confidence you deserve in some of your most vulnerable moments. Unlike its recycled counterparts, it doesn’t feel like sandpaper nor does it tear at the slightest touch.

To make your life even better, we have a service that will deliver our high quality, tree-free toilet rolls straight to your door (we considered delivering direct to your toilet but thought that might be a bit creepy). And we deliver fast, all around Australia!

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