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Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Eco Friendly Tree Free Toilet Paper

Pure Planet is a 100% Australian-owned company determined to save the planet, one roll at a time. Our 100% biodegradable toilet paper uses bamboo and sugarcane waste instead of trees, to help you wipe your bum, guilt-free.

Running out of toilet rolls whilst sitting on the loo is no fun. Actually, it’s pretty embarrassing, and it happens all the time. So to help you save the planet without said embarrassment, we’ve set up an exclusive home delivery service! Simply order online and get your toilet rolls delivered within 1 – 4 business days, straight to your home. We deliver our eco-friendly and biodegradable toilet tissue all around Australia with fast delivery in Sydney.

Why is our environmentally friendly toilet paper so great?

Deforestation is one of the biggest issues known to, and caused by, mankind. Did you know that roughly 18 million acres of forest is lost every single year? Think about that for a moment; 18 million acres. That’s like destroying the equivalent of Fiji, four times a year!

Deforestation occurs for a variety of reasons, but perhaps one of the biggest reasons is to make paper. Out of all of the trees that are cut down for paper, 10% are used specifically to produce toilet tissue – a massive amount to just be flushed down your toilet.

So at Pure Planet, we believed that if every Australian made one simple switch to using the most environmentally friendly toilet rolls available, we’d be able to preserve a better world for our future generations; a world we would want to live in. As a result of our vision, we were able to create an incredibly soft toilet tissue made from biodegradable bamboo and sugarcane waste.

As our 3 ply toilet tissue is made from renewable and fast-growing bamboo and sugarcane materials, this makes every sheet biodegradable, eco-friendly and 100% tree-free. For those in rural areas who rely on septic tanks, you will be pleased know that our product is also completely septic safe.

That’s right! Not a single tree is harmed or used for every square of our environmentally friendly and super soft toilet rolls. Now you can feel great in knowing that you’re making a big difference and moving towards living an eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

We’re so passionate about creating tree-free toilet tissue because unlike most trees which take decades to re-grow, bamboo and sugarcane plants can both grow amazingly quickly. In fact, bamboo can grow to its full length in only 4 months, and actually continues to grow back fast even once cut. We’re so surprised these super-plants aren’t replacing traditional paper materials but we’re moving in the right direction.

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