A bit about Pure Planet

At Pure Planet Club we set ourselves a goal. To help everyday people do their bit for the environment, without compromising their quality of lifestyle. We believe in making small changes around the household that will go a long way to protect our future generations.

Why Toilet Paper?

We first heard about a troubling statistic that approximately 27,000 trees were chopped down every day to manufacture toilet paper. We were immediately concerned at the rate at which toilet paper consumption was increasing around the globe, leading to even more trees being chopped down.

Did you know...

37 galles of water equals one roll of toilet paper
It takes approx. 140 litres of water to make one roll of standard toilet paper
of the world’s deforestation is
from the creation of toilet paper
deforestation from toilet paper
Global toilet paper production wipes out approximately 27,000 trees per day, which is equivalent to around 9 million trees per year.


It takes 1 acre of trees to provide enough oxygen for 18 people per year.
Trees combat Global Warming by lowering the air temperature from evaporating water in their leaves.

What we decided to do about it

We searched far and wide for a more sustainable option made from renewable resources. We worked to find a solution less dramatic than the family cloth, that would appeal to the masses without reducing their quality of life and the luxury of toilet tissue.

We visualized a solution that people would want to use, love and maintain. We wanted to create a product that would allow average people to make a huge difference with minimal effort. We knew this product had to be a simple lifestyle change to really work.

We succeeded! We bring you 100% tree-free and plastic-free toilet tissue made from renewable bamboo and sugarcane waste materials, two of the most renewable and eco-friendly plants in the world.

Our Rolls

Made from 100% bamboo and sugarcane recycled waste material from the manufacturing industry
Bamboo uses less water, and generates more oxygen than hardwood trees.

100% Plastic Free

Our packaging and product contains no plastic at all and we plan to stay this way
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, reaching its maximum height in only 4 months, making it the most renewable source of material available.

Sugarcane is an eco-friendly, renewable source with rapid reproduction speeds of less than one year in comparison to the decades it takes for trees to grow.


It breaks down quickly and easily in the environment with the help of micro-organisms. This drastically reduces the impact of pollution on Earth.

Our guilt-free toilet tissue is our first offering from our range of sustainable household items still to come.

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