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About Tree-Free

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Can I place a bulk or business order?

Will I be able to change my service if it doesn't work for my household?

Are your rolls shipped internationally?

It said you couldn't ship to my area - how do I get the rolls?

Product Specifications

What are the rolls made from?

What’s the difference between using trees and Bamboo/Sugarcane?

How many sheets in each roll?

How soft are the rolls?

How many rolls in each box?

Why not wrap it in plastic like we see at supermarkets?

Where are the rolls made?

What is the process used to make the rolls white?

Subscriptions & Services

Why do I need a subscription for toilet paper?

What are the differences between each subscription?

How do I change my subscription?

How does subscription cancellation work?

Shipping & Delivery

What’s the environmental impact of your deliveries?

How long does it take to get my toilet rolls?

How do I know if my delivery is on the way?

What do I do if I've paid and don’t hear about my order getting shipped?

What if my delivery or card details change during my subscription?

Bulk & Business Orders

Will I be able to make co-op or wholesale purchases?

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